Flexible Wax Sealer 1oz


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This flexible collodion product is used to paint over modeling wax to create a protective skin on the wax prior to make-up application.

To use: Three or four coats of this fast-drying compound is usually sufficient to prepare even a soft wax surface for brush or sponge application with make-up. Rubber Mask Grease is ideal for the task of covering the sealed wax, but other make-up is okay too. Finish the sealing with your successive coats and then apply make-up.

Tip: Often, a texture can be successfully applied to the wax after the first coat of Flexible Wax Sealer by lightly pressing a stipple sponge onto the thinly sealed wax.

Weight: 1fl.oz. / 29.6ml.

Shipping Note: Item contains alcohol.

*Comes with built-in brush applicator.*